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Hey Florida, I hear trees are down. I can't get through to anyone's cellular phone, so I assume some towers are, too. Is everyone alright and dry? None of the accounts I've heard so far sound particularly horrific. My sister reports that our grill in now toppled over in the grass by the lake, which I am prepared to accept. I heard that power may be out for a couple weeks, so this post may lack official purpose. All the same, I do hope these early autumn weeks are cool and breezy for you. Maybe a good time to visit upstate New York? We have colorful trees here, and all the squash you could ever possibly want. Dress warm, though, the winds here are chilly. On the other hand, they're not likely to drive a fence post through your bedroom.

Remember not to operate your generators indoors, folks, unless the patio damage was just too much to bear.
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