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I have eleven hours to write my Anthro of Violence & Suffering final.
After which I must attend the Anthro department party at my professor's house, 5:30 - 8:30
I must then finish another final for another Anthro class, by Tuesday 3pm.
I must also write an overdue 3-page response paper for my Relativism class for an essay I have yet to read.
I must attend the final Relativism class at my professor/dean's house at Tuesday 4:30.
I must also pack up my belongings and place them into storage somewhere which has yet to be fully determined.
I must also box some of my belongings and ship them home to Florida.
My flight leaves La Guardia at 1:25 pm on Wednesday. Which means I must catch a train to Manhattan to overnight at my aunt's apartment by 11pm Tuesday night or, more likely, find some way to get to the train station by 10am Wednesday morning.

This means, effectively, that I cannot allow myself to sleep for the next 48 hours or so. Why do I fuck myself so?

Goodnight, Livejournal.
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