Wait... nope, still Jon (enragedfetus) wrote,
Wait... nope, still Jon

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iPod: recovered.

Also I will be living in Tewksbury 119 next year. Please ignore the stench of gastric juices wafting down the halls and visit me.

Also I have a debilitating desire to gorge on eggplant parmigiana right now. It is 6:29 a.m. My heel is bruised from shopping cart shenanigans. I saw Carmina Burana last night and was very pleased, especially to see a number of my friends in the choir. I have so much work to do. I must do my work. The computer lab monitor keeps pacing, as he always does, and it's making me nervous. I want to damage his spine, just for a while, just until his shift is over. He can pace all the fuck he wants in the privacy of his home. Just leave my field of vision out of it, you fucking swine.

Holy god I need to do my work.
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