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a plea

Like many of you, I plan on going home for Spring Break. Unlike many of you, my home is in Florida. I've got a flight to catch out of La Guardia at 2:55pm on Friday, but before I can get to that, I've got to find a way to get to New York City. The surest bet seems like a train, but I'd have to catch one fairly early on Friday morning in order for the travel clockwork to click correctly. If any of you would be kind enough to give me a ride to Poughkeepsie so that I might make the 10:33am to Grand Central, you would have my friendship and gratitude, which are both very splendid things for a person to have. I am also willing to talk cash. Say $10? Covers gas and gets you a snack and a song on the iTunes store. Refer this message to an car-equipped friend if you lack an automobile. I thank you all very much.
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i wish i could help you, all i have to offer is a counterplea:

i gather from this entry that you'll be at Bard on friday. could you, therefor, do something for me that would earn you my undying gratitude? since i've been sent home to new hampsire, i need to devise some tricky way of handing in my moderation papers on time. if i emailed them to you, would you mind terribly printing some copies, handing them in to the registrar's office, and campus mailing them to Karen Sullivan, Marina van Zuylen, and Susan Rogers? i promise you all the car rides, undying love, and baked goods you desire if you could do this thing for me, or if you could find someone else who can.
I would not mind in the least. Email them to my Bard account (include those professorial names again), jk541 at et cetera. I'll be making those same two stops that same morning.

Please be well and come back soon.
i feel a little foolish saying this after writing so desperate a plea, but someone already told me they'd do it.

thank you so very much for offering, though. i'll tell you what, you can still have my undying love and some care rides.

i don't know what the weather's like at Bard, but here in New Hampshire we got about six inches of snow this morning. hope you have a wonderful time in Florida, you lucky jerk...
hey hey... I'm bored until Saturday and could probably swing that. just have to double-check that I can move my health-services appt :)
Lauren, you incorrigible angel! Thankyouthankyou (maybe) thankyou! If there's time we might even be able to pull off that sexy bank heist I've been dreaming about.
Jonnnnn.... I would very much like to hang out with you one day while you're down here. We can go to a bar or something(remember, I'm legal now). Give me a call at 228-424-7604. you'll probably get my voicemail leave a message.