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the vague details

Numerous odd things occurred today.

Whereas before there were no trees outside my building, now there are trees. Spring has come, and some city department has bequeathed onto my little stretch of street two young trees, I think cherry, positioned directly beneath telephone lines. While getting ready to go to work this morning, I watched contractors break up several slabs of concrete sidewalk. They used some kind of pneumatic smashing machine attached to what looked like a hybrid of a bulldozer and a golf cart. I had no idea what they were doing until I stepped out and saw their equipment draped with green banners, some proclaiming the great honor of the Mayor and his decree to better the city through flora. Sure enough, when I came home, there were two trees, maybe 10 feet high from trunk to tip, each steadied by lines tied to two large stakes that were in fact sections of larger, more robust trees that had been culled for the purpose. And as cynical as I feel when I think that these trees will be cut down in a few years to spare some aging telecommunications infrastructure, I am really looking forward to the color green again.

I transited and met a friend for coffee and information. On the way back home, after having screwed up a transfer, I was propositioned by a bashful prostitute while walking from one station to another. She asked me for a cigarette, I asked her for directions to the next station, and when I went in said direction, she began to keep up with me. "Say, sorry to ask but, gee, you wouldn't go for a blowjob, would you?" Something like that, really. I made up some lie about having a girlfriend who delivers vigorous and satisfying blowjobs. She continued walking by my side and asked if I spoke Spanish, which I don't actually. She was very aww shucks about the whole thing. Still, I was kind of annoyed that she kept walking with me after I'd given my final decision on the matter. I pulled the whoops, gotta tie my shoe while you keep walking maneuver, and it worked like a charm. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, but my mind's Abacus of Stabbing Likelihood indicated that it was probably best for the both of us if we parted. On my train home, for the first time ever, I got an entirely empty subway car for TWO STOPS, and I sang just like I've always planned to in that scenario.

A very late phone call with a new person provided information that revealed a convoluted and highly improbable (seeming, and even more so than it seems) connection between between multiple disparate parties. This revelation was only possible in light of a conversation I had with my friend from earlier in the evening. I suspect that the flow of knowledge regarding these connections may have greater ramifications than the connections themselves. Hence my being entirely vague.

Also, tomorrow shall be a day in which I eat falafel.
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