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it's a dream post

On the flight over to Japan I had the most entertaining and realistic dream I can recall. In my dream, I woke up from my hazy nap to find myself in the same seat, sitting next to the same people, looking at the same screen in the center of the fuselage on which, at that very moment in waking reality, the in-flight movie of Big Mama's House was playing to no one's satisfaction. In my dream, however, the stats of our flight were listed, and the estimated time of arrival was 53 seconds. I looked out the window and saw Osaka bay, with brightly-lit buildings lining the shore a the Incredible Sinking Island that is Kansai Airport forming under the wing. We landed and I was ushered to the shore by a rowboat, where myself, my friend Georgia (whom I sat next to on the flight) and our professor Michiko were brought to light of a conspiracy taking place at that very moment by high-ranking members of the Japanese military, who were planning to create a national panic and launch a coup. This plot element was quickly shoved out of mind when we met the Rat King, a highly developed rodent not unlike Master Splinter who took us to a night club in Osaka where we were asked if we would like an in-flight beverage. I then had some orange juice.

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