Wait... nope, still Jon (enragedfetus) wrote,
Wait... nope, still Jon

What do you tell an old man when he's thirsting for death? Hanging in by a thread, empty of any redemption, hopeless husk man, years of waiting and nothing coming. When nonexistence seems preferable to the alternative, by nearly all accounts but the priest's, what reasons does one provide for preserving the body and cradling the consciousness? Is it even right to encourage hope? When hope seems so empty. What do I tell the sad old man whose got nothing left but a dog and a television, both of which he stands to lose any time? Children he's hurt too much to ask back to his side, one last kid to keep him company. The man who used to speak so fervently of God and Jesus has forsaken thoughts of both, after years of begging the air for better. How can the old man stick around when there's nothing left to cling to? What would you say to this sad old man?
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